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Ellie M

Ellie M

A West London native, Ellie Morgan spent her gap year tending bar in W12's Bush Hall, watching and admiring the artists performing and passing through. Though never a wallflower, this pensive 20 year old anthropology student is now ready to take centre stage herself.

"Ellie M has a powerful and fabulously distinct voice, her vocals on 'Losing My Mind' is both captivating and stunning, as is the song" - Beehive Candy

"The bluesy guitar melody is matched by some seriously impressive vocals that are pitched somewhere between Amy Winehouse and Sia with a soul, personality and controlled power. At just 20 and with this as her first musical missive, Ellie M has a frightening amount potential on the road ahead of her" - Listen With Monger

"Hit play and let Ellie M show you how it's done. And don't forget to turn the volume right up" - Zone Nights

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Ellie M Losing My Mind

Losing My Mind
Single - 1 track - CKR022 - 31.05.19